Repair Services

Service work can include:

- Cooktop replacement
- Sink Replacement
- Chip fix 
- Cooktop Enlargement
- Sink Reattachment
- Resealing and more. 

Typically we only see chips when someone (anonymous) drops something of substantial weight onto the granite or marble. We can come in and create a color match and make a very inconspicuous repair. Suppose you purchased a home with existing granite, but the sink style is not one you can live with. We can help you find the style you prefer that can be undermounted with your existing material. Some minor modifications can make a dramatic change.

On average, Floyd Granite receives a call from someone whose sink has become loose or even detached from their granite or marble. These are not our customers, but consumers that went with the least expensive company. Of course, we are happy to help, but it is easier to do it right the first time!

Similarly, we repair seams that have collapsed where the installers were most unprofessional. At Floyd Granite we analyze each project for seam placement and structure soundness. We add multiple steps to our fabrication to insure an exceptionally strong seam.

Our Work

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    Kitchen 1
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Serving Rome, Cartersville, Calhoun, Cedartown, and Atlanta Georgia

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